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31.1. Auxiliary Employees




  1. Auxiliary employees who have worked 1827 hours in 33 pay periods and who are employed for work which is of a continuous full time or continuous part time nature shall be converted to regular status effective the beginning of the month following the month in which they attain the required hours.

31.3 Seniority




  1. (1) For the purpose of layoff and recall and other seniority related provisions of this Agreement, and auxiliary employee who as worked in excess of 30 days shall accumulate service and classification seniority within a Ministry seniority unit, as defined in the Component Agreement…

31.7 Health and Welfare


In lieu of health and welfare benefits, auxiliary employees shall receive compensation of 53c (54c efffective April 4, 1999; 55c effective April 2, 2000) per working hour, upt o a maximum of $37.10 ($37.80 effective Apritl 4, 1999; $38.50 effective April 2, 2000) per biweekly pay period.

31.8 Weekly Indemnity




  1. Auxiliary employees are eligible for weekly indemnity benefits upon accumulation of 400 hour of auxiliary seniority with the same ministry. Once extablished, eligibility for weekly indemnity is retained unless the auxiliary employee loses auiliary seniority. Weekly indemnity benefits are payable for each period of illness up to a maximum of 15 weeks at 60% of the auxiliary employee’s normal average earnings. Normal average earnings are calculated by averaging the total of the straight time compensation and the compensation paid in accordance with Clause 31.7 in the six most recent biweekly pay periods in which earnings occurred.

31.9 Medical, Dental and Group Life Insurance




  1. Auxiliary employees will be eligible for coverage under Clauses 15.1, 25.2, 25.3, 25.4 and 25.9 after completion of 1827 hours worked in 33 pay periods or after working three consecutive years without loss of seniority and maintaining 1200 hours worked at the straight time rate within the previous 26 pay periods. Such auxiliary employees eligible for benefits under this Clause will not receive the payment under Clause 31.7.



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