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B.C. Public School Employers’ Association (“BCPSEA”)

As bargaining agent for all of the school boards and authorities established under the School Act


British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (“BCTF”)



a. Staffing and Workload Committee

The parties agree to establish a staffing and workload review committee (“the SWR committee”). Each party will appoint two people to the SWR committee.

b. Specific Disputes

Any local union or school district may seek the assistance of the SWR committee in resolving disputes about the interpretation, application or alleged violation of class size or other workload provisions of the agreement, including any disputes underway prior to establishment of the SWR committee.

If the SWR committee reaches a conclusion about a possible resolution, the committee may make a recommendation to the local union and the school district.

General Problems

Where a local union or a school district believes that the school district has a fiscal problem related to the application of workload provisions, it may apply to the SWR committee for a review.

Where the SWR committee unanimously concludes that it is appropriate to do so, it may recommend measures to achieve the purposes of the workload provision in a manner which mitigates the identified fiscal impact. The SWR may also make a report to the Ministry of Education, Skills and Training about the fiscal situation of the district.

c. No Obligation to Vary Agreement

In the case of paragraphs (b) and (c) above, there is no obligation on a local union or school district to implement a recommendation which is inconsistent with a collective agreement provision applicable to it, nor to suspend or delay any step in the grievance procedure. Implementation of any recommendation is without prejudice or precedent and does not constitute a waiver of any right.



opeiu 491