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Shortly after obtaining permission from the Governor General to prorogue parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper left town.

Dodging questions about his desperate bid to avoid defeat in parliament, Harper immediately left Ottawa to attend the opening of a Toyota plant in Woodstock, ON. Harper’s visit was an attempt to curry favour among auto workers looking for relief amidst a tanking manufacturing sector – an issue his government has failed to address.

While the Conservatives have only managed to prolong their dying days, the movement for a Liberal-NDP coalition government is just getting started. Thousands of Canadians cheered as Jack Layton, Stephane Dion and Gilles Duceppe addressed supporters at a rally on Parliament Hill this afternoon.

For the 62 per cent of Canadians who did not vote for Stephen Harper, our work towards a stronger, more cooperative government is just beginning.

The Conservatives will not go down without a fight. Canadians who want to see change must use the next month and a half to support the leaders who have worked together to unify parliament.

CUPE members can show their support by attending rallies in Toronto and Montreal this weekend, and by educating members in their community on the benefits of having a coalition government.

In hard economic times, we can’t afford any more mean-spirited politics. By supporting a Liberal-NDP coalition government, Canadians can finally have a parliament that works – and the kind of government we deserve.