Aerial view of Brock UniversityClinical Nursing Instructors at Brock University are the newest members of CUPE, following today’s decision at the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The decision follows a vote in November, when an overwhelming majority of instructors voted to join the union, which represents academic workers at most Ontario universities.

Clinical Nursing Instructors (CNIs) are registered nurses who teach in hospitals and other clinical settings for the university. “Brock’s Nursing Program is known for its rigorous curriculum and exceptionally high standards,” said Darlene Polich, a CNI at Brock for 5 years. “This is due in very large part to the experience, knowledge, and dedication of my CNI co-workers.”

“This vote came about because CNIs wanted the protection, stability, and representation that comes with being a CUPE member,” said Nathan Cecckin, President of CUPE 4207. “It also resolves a lengthy dispute between us and the university.  We’re thrilled that these workers’ desire to unionize is finally realized.” CUPE 4207 already represents approximately 1500 academic workers at Brock University.

CUPE is Canada’s largest union, representing more than 715,000 workers across the country, including more than 63,000 workers in post-secondary education.