The union representing the 2200 office staff, technicians, and administrative professionals at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval, has issued a call for help in wake of the startling, growing number of resignations of administrative employees.

Hundreds of workers have left, and departures continue to increase. In 2022 alone, 41 per cent of new hires resigned, and of that number, 75 per cent decided to return to school or work in other employment sectors in the Quebec City region, which offer more attractive working conditions. The Greater Quebec City region has a very low unemployment rate and there are a wide range of jobs available.

These workers represent an important link that is essential to the effective operation of the health care system. One need only think of appointment bookings, the handling of medical files, schedules, and pay planning to appreciate the importance of these predominantly female employees.

“We are asking the government to come up with solutions to halt this exodus, which is seriously affecting the services offered to users of the CHU de Québec-UL. The exodus has caused increasing workloads for the remaining staff and is driving many toward burnout. The union has been speaking out about this situation to the employer for years, but unfortunately, they have not been listening. We’re willing to cooperate with the CHU de Québec-UL to find a lasting solution to this problem,” says Isabelle Laperrière, President of CUPE 1108.