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(Dartmouth) If you’ve ever enjoyed a weekend off, received a raise, been paid for a sick day, taken maternity leave or drawn a pension, you probably have a union to thank. Thanks to unions, Canada has a large and stable middle class: people who spend and pay taxes to the benefit of everyone in their communities. Union jobs, with their decent pay and working conditions, help to stabilize the economy and stimulate growth.

This Labour Day, unions are celebrating the important contributions of working people by holding family events in many communities across Nova Scotia and across the country.

“Together unions brought fairness for workers into all workplaces,” says CUPE Nova Scotia president Danny Cavanagh. “We hope you will come celebrate with us on Monday in your community.”

“Union members are the very backbone of our communities,” says Cavanagh, “providing public services such as health care, municipal and social services, and are a vital part of our schools, colleges and universities.

CUPE members provide senior and child care, safeguard our water supplies, and keep roads and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. CUPE members make our communities work.”

Union members paved the way for improvements in labour standards, health and safety and quality public services for all. What they won for themselves, they won for all workers, like the 40-hour work week, fair wages, and public pensions.

"Labour Day is an important celebration for workers and their families,” says Cavanagh. “It’s a day for us to celebrate our solidarity and the important role unions play in building and maintaining the social fabric of our communities.”

WHERE: Cavanagh will be attending the Labour Day event in Halifax from 10 am to 3 pm. Along with speeches by prominent labour leaders, the event features a march, barbecue, children’s activities and live music by the Waterstreet Blues Band.