Convention 2015 voting

Pierre Ducasse | CUPE Communications

Following several days of fruitful discussions, delegates to the CUPE National Convention adopted the Strategic Directions 2015- 2017 document.

Organizing and unionization are the heart of our work as a trade union, and the document devotes particular attention to the needs of precarious workers. The fate of these workers is identified as a high priority, notably by fighting to expand the scope of our collective agreements to include all workers in our workplaces. We need to integrate precarious workers into our bargaining units as much as possible.

CUPE is committed to pursue and increase our recruitment strategies, locally, regionally and by sector.

In CUPE, we care deeply about issues affecting marginalized workers, and we aim to negotiate collective agreements that are both strong and inclusive. Thus, special attention must also be given to diversity and equity – both in our workplaces and within our union.

To strengthen this organizational work, CUPE will hold two key events: our second National Sector Council Conference, in October 2016, and another conference in 2017 centred on empowering locals, where our members will be able to share their best practices.

The mobilization of members also involves specific issues such as health and safety: CUPE will make 2016 the year of Health and Safety, focusing on members who are most vulnerable or living with violence.

It goes without saying that the fight against privatization and outsourcing remains a priority for our union, in order to protect our members’ working conditions and the quality of public services.

However, CUPE also recognizes that many battles must take place beyond the bargaining table. Political action will remain a priority, both in the arena of partisan politics and in social movements.

Since many issues such as poverty, trade, human rights, privatization and austerity are global phenomena, our international solidarity work is an intrinsic part of our fightback strategy. Strategic

Directions also highlights other priority issues such as the fight against climate change.

We recognize that our strength comes primarily from our members. Building the power of our members builds the power of our union. And it is from that power that we are helping to create a better country with greater solidarity for all.