1. Workers contact the union and meet with a union organizer.
  2. Workers sign cards applying for membership in the union, and authorizing the union to represent them in negotiations with their employer. There is no charge to sign a CUPE membership card in B.C.
  3. If at least 45 per cent of the workers sign membership cards, the British Columbia Labour Relations Board will hold a vote to see if workers want a union.
  4. The BCLRB holds a secret ballot vote. Anyone who is in the bargaining unit the union applied to represent can vote. If the majority (50%+1) of workers who cast ballots vote to unionize, the union is certified.
  5. The union will serve notice to your employer to begin bargaining your first contract.

The local certification process is confidential. Employers are not entitled to know who signed cards. Votes are held by secret ballot.

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