Blue-collar workers with the City of Westmount, who are members of the amalgamated blue-collar workers of Montreal (CUPE 301), staged a demonstration in front of City Hall today to denounce the City’s decision to shorten an important bargaining session. A full day of intensive negotiations had been scheduled this Friday to bring about an agreement. The City finally cancelled the Friday session and is offering only two hours of talks instead.

“We’re currently in day six of a seven-day strike. We’ve already had one lasting two days and another one that went three days. The next time, we could go out on an unlimited general strike if the City doesn’t show more respect for its blue-collar workers,” said Jean-Pierre Lauzon, president of CUPE 301.

The main sticking point in these negotiations is compensation. The City’s wage offers have been simply unacceptable.

“This is a case of driving employees deeper into poverty. The City tells us it’s in good financial shape, so why not share some of this with the men and women who proudly serve the City of Westmount? With the summer around the corner, it would be too bad for people not to enjoy all of the beauty the City has to offer,” said Lauzon.