Les cols bleus, les cols blancs et les pompier(ère)s de Blainville

Blue-collar and white-collar workers along with firefighters in Blainville have joined forces to deal with their common employer. Tuesday evening, more than a hundred people gathered in front of the Town Hall to show their impatience.

The blue-collar and white-collar workers have been without a contract since 2021 and the firefighters since 2019. Previous negotiations involving the blue-collar and white-collar workers dragged on for four years.

“There’s only been one year of industrial peace in the past eight years. Resolution of this collective agreement is long overdue. Our members are impatient, especially during this period of historic inflation,” said Dominic Ouellet, President of the blue-collar workers.

“It’s absolutely shameful that the firefighters have been without a contract since 2019. Our members are sliding deeper and deeper into poverty,” said Sylvain Gravel, President of the firefighters’ union.

“Some surveys have reported that Blainville ranks among the happiest towns n Canada. The employer must recognize the indispensable contribution our employees have made to cast the town in the best possible light with its citizens. All we want is for the town to respect us so that we can continue providing good service to the public,” declared Jean-François Millar, President of the white-collar workers.