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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

On June 6th, Bill C-257 was introduced into Parliament, moved by the Bloc Québécois and seconded by the NDP. In 2005, a similar attempt failed by only 12 votes in the House of Commons. The bill returns to the house in mid-October for a vote at second reading.

Members of Parliament are now back in their home ridings during the summer recess. Many Liberal and Conservative MPs are undecided on this issue. We hope to have a majority of them committed to supporting the legislation when they return to Ottawa on September 18th.

We are strongly encouraging you to meet or call your Member of Parliament to secure a commitment to vote in favour of this Bill.

Other unions as well as CUPE are working on this valuable effort over the summer. Political action through lobbying is a rewarding experience. You will find that most MPs politely listen to their constituents. Your direct contact has a powerful impact. We can succeed. Give it a try. If you want further advice on how to proceed, please ask your National Representative for assistance.

We are attaching lobby notes to assist in your efforts. The notes explain why anti-scab legislation is good public policy. Ask your MP to declare support (or opposition) to the legislation.

Please forward the results of your MP visit to your National Representative so that they can forward it to us.

Thanks for your help. Together we can win this one!

In solidarity,
Paul Moist
National President

Claude Généreux
National Secretary-Treasurer