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CUPE’s website will be quiet from now until just after the new year. We wish all our visitors a restful and relaxing time over the next two weeks.

This last year has been a strange one, as a government that seems increasingly out of step with Canadians has forged ahead with its plans to punish equality seeking groups and reward their friends with tax cuts. At the same time, the opposition parties are upholding Canadian values on issues like child care, anti-scab legislation and same-sex marriage.

It’s these latter signs that give us hope that the Harper government will be an historical footnote and that a new government that embraces Canadian values like compassion and community will be in place.

Our soldiers are still in harm’s way as they help the US and NATO prolong Afghanistan’s agony.

Important government programs and agencies like Status of Women Canada are still slated for closure.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is poised to further impoverish the federal government with a new round of handouts to corporations and to the wealthy.

Canada is still on schedule to be the only country in the world to back out of its commitment to the Kyoto protocol on the environment

In 2007 we pledge to continue to work to change the course of the Harper government agenda. We encourage you to think about how you can play a part in that change in the months to come.

Peace, solidarity and best holiday wishes.