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VANCOUVER – The Labour Day statement issued last week by Labour Minister Graham Bruce is dripping with hypocrisy.

“The minister should be ashamed to have said it,” CUPE BC president Barry O’Neill said. “All workers will be disgusted when they read it.”

“He talks of “balance” in the workplace, while his government does everything in its power to privatize workplaces and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of public sector workers.

“He talks of protecting vulnerable workers, yet the Liberals are increasing their vulnerability through wrongheaded changes to employment standards, the Labour Code and the Workers’ Compensation Act.”

“He says his government recognizes labour’s efforts to protect workers through collective bargaining, but no government has done more to undermine collective bargaining rights.”

“Adding insult to these injuries, Bruce has contributed to this anti-labour government’s reputation as the most hypocritical B.C. has ever seen.”

“Workers will celebrate Labour Day this weekend by shunning the Campbell Liberals,” O’Neill said. “And little wonder given the family- and community-bashing that characterized their first year in office.”

“This Labour Day, CUPE members will celebrate the contribution of working people to their communities as usual. But they will also remember how the Liberals are destroying those communities and hurting the working families that live in them.”


Contact: Barry O’Neill, CUPE BC President, 604-916-8444.