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Day care funding was among the first of the casualties of the Campbell governments mini-budget tabled July 30.

They gave $1/4 billion to their friends in business, said CUPE BC president Barry ONeill. And to pay for it, they have turned on the people that are least able to defend themselves children.

The cuts to BCs pioneering public child care program appear to be just the first in a full-scale attack on public services. Personal tax cuts announced after the government was elected and business tax cuts announced this week will result in a $1.5 billion deficit this year, starving public services and communities for cash.

The Campbell Liberals are hell-bent on racing to the bottom on business taxes while our communities are left screaming for services, said ONeill.

Fred Muzin, president of the Hospital Employees Union, CUPEs BC health services division, offered this advice to British Columbians: Hold on to your tax cuts youll need the money to pay for health care user fees and privatized public services over the next few years.