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Over the long run, some will benefit from capitalist economic growth while others will not. After years of free trade, cut-backs, privatization and de-regulation, the gap between the rich and the poor has increased in Canada. 1 After years of free trade in Canada, the United States and Mexico, conditions for workers have declined. 2

Nothing is guaranteed. We have to keep our eyes open, evaluate what’s happening, build our campaigns, fight for social justice and watch for the reaction from the other side.

1.Armine Yalnizyan, Canada’s Great Divide: The politics of the growing gap between rich and poor in the 1990s” (Toronto: Centre for Social Justice, 2000

2. Rob Scott, Carlos Salas and Bruce Campbell. “NAFTA at 7 (FTA at 12): Impact on workers in all three nations”, Washington: Economic Policy Institute, April 11, 2001

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