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In memory of all CUPE workplace fatalities:

1978 Peter Bohac R.C. Smith

1979 Clifton Mark Grant CUPE 149 Ontario Elvin Dalton Laskey New Brunswick G. Demarco Peitro Fabiano Wayne Mills James Robert Nesbitt Steven Sahnwald

1980 John Coyne CUPE 43 Ontario

1981 John Chauvet CUPE 30 Alberta Steven MacDonald CUPE 30 Alberta Roland Nyberg CUPE 30 Alberta André Tremblay CUPE 30 Alberta

1982 Reynold Achong CUPE 2 Ontario

1983 Gordon Graham CUPE 503 Ontario Auguste Haché CUPE 1190 New Brunswick

1984 Harry Burrows CUPE 1867 Nova Scotia Peter Manduca CUPE 87 Ontario

1985 Marcel Chassé CUPE 301 Quebec Joseph Macaluso CUPE 5 Ontario Martinus Soeten CUPE 403 British Columbia Francis Spurgeon CUPE 251 Ontario

1986 Gordon Ruben Arndt CUPE 500 Manitoba Beniamito S. Cattoni CUPE 70 Alberta

1987 Jean-Luc Benjamin CUPE 301 Quebec Leslie Hatfield CUPE 1953 Ontario

1988 William Besters CUPE 500 Manitoba Dwayne Collins CUPE 1867 Nova Scotia Glenn Cripps CUPE 1483 Ontario William Hnatiuk CUPE 394 British Columbia Alfred Schlesiger CUPE 503 Ontario Ken Shier CUPE 1652 Ontario Tom Whales CUPE 27 Ontario

1989 Frank Robert James CUPE 623 British Columbia Gary Kepes CUPE 338 British Columbia Maryse Laganière Ecole Polytechnique CUPE 1604 Quebec Paul Lavergne CUPE 1000 Ontario Alex McFarlane CUPE 1000 Ontario George Norman CUPE 3019 Ontario Sylvain Roy CUPE 1114 Quebec Katherine Say Airline Division Manuel Silva CUPE 500 Manitoba Gojko Toljagic CUPE 134 Ontario

1990 Vitangelo Cimmarusti CUPE 94 Ontario Brian Freeman CUPE 368 Ontario Dennis OBrien CUPE 1190 New Brunswick Ray Plante CUPE 1000 Ontario Richard Shepherd CUPE 1860 Newfoundland and Labrador

1991 Gaynor Bryson Airline Division Zulal Cartmell Airline Division Dolores Colacci Airline Division Caroline Leclerc Airline Division Louisa Mangoff Airline Division Carol Prott Airline Division Deborah Salej Airline Division Munir Velji Airline Division Joseph Grant Ritchie CUPE 1 Ontario Steve Kucheran CUPE 87 Ontario Mark Wagstaff CUPE 1000 Ontario

1992 Robert Kernohan CUPE 368 Ontario Tom Moreau CUPE 1000 Ontario John Murray CUPE 1000 Ontario Mike Nicholson CUPE 1000 Ontario Allan Pickett CUPE 1190 New Brunswick Tom Vanderstarren CUPE 1 Ontario Paul Zavitz CUPE 1589 Ontario

1994 Lorna Barr CUPE 374 British Columbia James Arthur Bertram CUPE 368 Ontario Michel Cadieux CUPE 301 Quebec Rosario Lisotte CUPE 1500 Quebec Gunter Nautsch CUPE 1000 Ontario Dorien Ringuette CUPE 968 Quebec Alan Veech CUPE 2060 Ontario

1995 Georges Boudreau CUPE 1190 New Brunswick Andy Goedicke CUPE 873 British Columbia Jim Halstrom CUPE 500 Manitoba Joseph Darryl McDonald CUPE 1867 Nova Scotia Bob Bohdan Roman Oginsky CUPE 40 Alberta Wendy Thompson CUPE 873 British Columbia Joseph Villa CUPE 301 Quebec

1996 André Degrâce CUPE 429 Quebec Timothy Hickman CUPE 107 Ontario Henri Lacroix CUPE 1338 Ontario Jean Lafleur CUPE 3535 Quebec William Morden CUPE 5 Ontario Larry Reddemann CUPE 458 British Columbia

1997 Paul Faustini CUPE 5 Ontario Wilf Greensill CUPE 1004 British Columbia Denis Laforest CUPE 1754 Quebec Gaétan Lavigne CUPE 687 Quebec David McKay CUPE 900 British Columbia Richard (Dick) McAvoy CUPE 229 Ontario Delmer Smith CUPE 2861 British Columbia Jacques Vallée CUPE 2461 Quebec

1998 Eric Clavet CUPE 1500 Quebec Willy Gauggel CUPE 40 Alberta Laurie Jessup CUPE 855-09 Ontario Harold Pahic CUPE 458 British Columbia Lucien Paquette CUPE 375 Quebec Allen D. Smith CUPE 416 Ontario Kathi Wilson CUPE 2332 Ontario

1999 Nazaire J. Arsenault CUPE 1000 Ontario Grant Atkinson CUPE 228 Manitoba Noël Larivée CUPE 375 Quebec Leslie Lucas CUPE 108 Nova Scotia Bruno Rioux CUPE 1500 Quebec

2000 Lennard Wayne Blanco CUPE 500 Manitoba Murray Allen Cameron CUPE 454 British Columbia Marc Desforges CUPE 4545 Quebec Alan Misner CUPE 1000 Ontario

2001 Bernard Chabot CUPE 1638 Quebec Lance Foody CUPE 825 British Columbia Gregory James Gillott CUPE 1867 Nova Scotia Pat Mullan CUPE 3523 British Columbia Richard Poulin CUPE 2811 Quebec

2002 Mario Beaulieu CUPE 1983 Quebec Luke Bevan CUPE 3770 British Columbia Donald Reginal Burns Marriott CUPE 108 Nova Scotia Tom Roach CUPE 1000 Ontario