At a special assembly on Thursday night in Quebec City, the employees of the insurance company La Capitale overwhelmingly approved the agreement in principle reached between the bargaining committee and the employer. The previous agreement had expired on January 1, 2016.

This new six-year contract, valid until 2021, includes wage increases of 2% for the first four years, with a potential increase of up to 2.5% if the CPI exceeds 2%. The same principle applies for subsequent years. Thus, for the fifth year, the union members will obtain a wage increase of 2.25%, which could rise up to 3%, if the CPI exceeds 2%, and for the last year, the wage increase will be 2.25% up to 3% if the CPI rises more than 2.25%.

This round of negotiations required the intervention of a conciliator from the Ministry of Labour in September 2016, which significantly improved the climate at the bargaining table.

“We needed to take the time required to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties, and we never lost sight of our goals. We are very proud of the gains we obtained,” said Marie-Lou Leclerc, President of CUPE 2310.

Significant gains were also made in pension reform with the introduction of a bridging benefit and a complete overhaul of the Plan’s funding rules.

Three additional days of sick leave were also negotiated. These days can now be used for personal or family leave. Broader coverage of the group insurance plan was also obtained.

“With this new agreement, CUPE 2310 members will significantly improve their quality of life and that of their families. The salary increases give them greater purchasing power and the addition of three family-related days of leave enables employees to care for themselves and their loved ones,” said CUPE union representative Jean-Julien Mercier.

CUPE represents 680 employees in La Capitale. They occupy administrative, technical and maintenance positions at the company’s head office in Quebec City, as well as a few in Montreal.