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  • Upon my return from summer vacation, I attended a meeting with the Airline Division in Toronto on August 26 to discuss the airline industry crisis.

  • I took part in the New Democratic Party national convention which was held from August 27 to 29, in Ottawa.

  • On September 2, I held a conference call regarding the ONEX bid with executive members of CUPEs Air Canada and Canadian components.

  • On Friday morning, September 3, I joined members of Local 910 for a rally on their picket lines outside Carleton University.

  • I joined members of Local 416 to march with them during the Toronto Labour Day Parade held September 6.

  • On September 8, the National Officers met to discuss the status of the National Defence Fund.

  • On September 10, we held a conference call with the National Executive Committee to discuss the status of the National Defence Fund.

  • On September 15, I was invited to speak at the Ontario Nursing Homes Bargaining Councils founding convention in St. Catharines.

  • On September 16, the National Executive Committee held a second conference call to discuss the status of the National Defence Fund.

  • On September 17, I addressed delegates and took part in the National Water Summit that CUPE along with the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Environmental Law Association hosted here in Ottawa.

  • The National Executive Committee and Board met on September 22 and 23, in Ottawa.

  • The CUPE Ottawa Council invited me to speak about the upcoming national convention at their September 23 membership meeting.

  • Geraldine and I attended a meeting with CUPE-BC and HEU on September 24.

  • I attended the Regional Directors meeting in Ottawa on September 27.

  • That evening, I participated in a rally and march for Local 1580 fighting privatized laboratory services at the Ottawa Hospital, Civic campus.

  • On Tuesday, September 28, I addressed stewards at Local 1000s annual Stewards meeting in Toronto, and met with Local President John Murphy.

  • In the afternoon, Geraldine and I met with the Executive of Local 4400, Toronto School Board.

  • On September 29, along with the CUPE Airline Division President and Executive members representing Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, Canadian Regional Airlines, Air Ontario and Air Nova, I met with Minister David Collenette to present our position on airline restructuring and the future of the airline industry in Canada.

  • In the afternoon, we reported on the meeting to the opposition parties ad hoc House of Commons Committee on Transport.

  • On October 2, I had the pleasure of addressing delegates attending a Canadian Media Guild conference in Toronto.

  • On October 12, I travelled to Montreal to attend the many preparatory meetings which take place prior to National Convention. I met with the Resolutions and the Constitution convention committees on October 13 and the National Executive Committee and Board met on October 14.

  • On Sunday, October 16, a meeting was held with all staff followed by various sectoral meetings.

  • The National Convention was held from October 18 to October 22, and a rip-roaring one it was!

  • During the week of October 25, I took a weeks vacation with my husband.

  • On November 1 and 2, I attended CLC Executive Committee and Council meetings.

  • On November 4, I flew to Toronto to participate in a rally/press conference to kick off a caravan travelling to the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle.

  • On November 8, the National Executive Board held a conference call to discuss the NUPGE(AUPE) raid of CUPE health care locals in Alberta.

  • Between November 8 and November 22, I took part in numerous meetings with members and activists in Local 1580 and Local 4000 as part of our representation vote campaigns at the Ottawa Hospital, as well as spending a day visiting almost every department to meet members.

  • On November 12, I was invited to speak to the Ontario Social Services Conference in Toronto.

  • The Maritimes Staff meeting was held in Moncton on November 17.

  • The National Executive Committee met in Ottawa on November 19.

  • On November 23, I attended the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention.

  • CUPE organized a demo against the CCPPP in which I participated during the noon hour.

  • On November 25, I was asked to speak with Judy Rebick at the OFL convention on violence against women marking the tenth anniversary of the murder of 14 women at cole Polytechnique in Montreal.

  • On November 25, I turned 50. Thats right, the BIG FIVE-O! The entire OFL convention sang Happy Birthday!

  • On November 29, I travelled to Vancouver and met with HEU.

  • While in Vancouver, a CSU Labour/Management was held on November 30.

  • I attended a powerful anti-WTO rally in Vancouver.

  • On December 3, I joined other CUPE members and staff for a court hearing and then spoke at a press scrum following the Courts decision to exonerate a CUPE member of Local 2190 from the Toronto Catholic Childrens Aid Society on charges filed after a baby died in the care of the CCAS.

    Respectfully submitted,


    National President

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