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Community Living Guelph Wellington (CLGW) announced last month that they are facing a $3-million deficit and will be closing the day programs and laying off staff. Just months before that, the Board of Directors approved a nearly 12 per cent pay raise for Cindy Kinnon, bringing the Executive Director’s salary to $162,612 a year.

This is the same Executive Director who oversaw the financial disaster at Catholic Family Services of Hamilton. Under her watch, the agency went to ruin and closed shortly after she left.

CLGW is not going to do the right thing on their own.

The right thing would be to commit to keep these programs that people depend on open instead of making clients and parents face such uncertainty.

The right thing would be to invest in workers instead of letting their workforce attrify by burnout and lose buying power to inflation.

The right thing would be to dedicate all their energy to campaigning with workers and families instead of blaming workers.

If they won’t do the right thing on their own, we need to force them.

Call on Community Living Guelph Wellington to restore funding to day programs, invest in workers, and begin a meaningful consultation with caregivers, parents, and adults with disabilities to develop a new and inclusive path forward.

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