Negotiations between CUPE 1600 and the Toronto Zoo have ended with no further talks scheduled at this time.

“At this time, we are waiting for the Zoo’s negotiating team to respond to our last offer,” said CUPE 1600 President Christine McKenzie.

“We believe that the two sides made progress last night. If we were 90 per cent of the way to an agreement last week, we are 95 per cent of the way there now. Now is the time for both sides to roll up our sleeves and finish the job,” she added.

The two sides adjourned late Thursday evening after several hours of bargaining. No further talks have been scheduled, pending a special meeting of the Toronto Zoo’s Board of Management, which takes place at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

McKenzie said she hopes the Board of Management gives the Zoo’s negotiating team “the flexibility it needs to conclude a fair collective agreement that ensures our 5,000 animal ambassadors get the best possible care, while also ensuring the Zoo continues to be a world leader in education, conservation and research.”