The 2019 federal election will be a very important election for CUPE members and working families across Canada. Canadians have an opportunity to elect a government that will strengthen our public services and create good-paying jobs for workers. We have an opportunity to elect an NDP government committed to creating universal pharmacare, building more affordable housing, and taking the bold action needed to fight climate change. We have an opportunity to break the pattern of electing Liberal and Conservative governments that attack our pensions, privatize our public resources, and stand in the way of a cleaner economy and environment.

There are 680,000 CUPE members across the country, which means our actions as a union can make a difference on election day. But to make that difference, we need to organize and mobilize our members to get out and support the NDP, the only party that stands with Canadian workers.

While CUPE is encouraging members and locals to get engaged this election, we also have our own election plan to help elect a more progressive, worker-friendly government this fall. This election, CUPE will:

  1. Use every opportunity to talk about the issues that matter to CUPE members
  2. Use social media to engage members about the issues that matter to them
  3. Provide tools to members to help them start conversations about the election
  4. Promote progressive platform proposals during the campaign
  5. Push back against regressive platform proposals during the campaign
  6. Organize election training for CUPE members in all regions
  7. Encourage staff to volunteer for the NDP
  8. Support locals who want to organize events

Produced by CUPE for CUPE members.