Ballot boxCUPE members have an important decision to make on October 21, when Canadians head to the polls to elect their next government. The central question is: who can CUPE members trust to protect our jobs, our pensions, and our shared future as a country?

Justin Trudeau is good at making promises – but he’s even better at breaking them. He has attacked workers’ rights - using back-to-work legislation against postal workers in December 2018 - and abandoned key commitments on electoral reform, climate change, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Trudeau’s Liberals can’t be trusted.

Meanwhile, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has called himself “Stephen Harper with a smile,” while doing his best to align his party with Donald Trump on every key issue, from workers’ rights to immi- gration to climate change. Scheer’s Conservatives will turn the clock back to the Stone Age.

Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is the only party we can count on, with a real plan that puts people and the environment first. While the Liberals and Conservatives focus on helping the wealthy and the well-connected, the NDP’s plan is focused on making life better and more affordable for ordinary Canadians.

The NDP’s plan will:

  • Create a national universal pharmacare program and implement “head-to-toe” health care coverage that includes dental care, addiction treatment, and mental health care
  • Advance workers’ rights, expand training opportunities, and make work fairer and more secure for everyone
  • Advance the rights of Indigenous communities and the process of meaningful reconci- liation
  • Address the housing crisis by building 500,000 affordable housing units
  • End unfair CEO tax loopholes and make corporations pay their fair share
  • Tackle climate change with a real plan to reduce emissions while creating good jobs for the economy of the future

Every vote matters. As Canada’s largest union, with 680,000 members nationwide, CUPE members truly do have the power to make a big difference this election.

Let’s use our collective strength to make a difference on October 21.

Vote NDP.