Paul MoistPaul Moist | CUPE National President

We are only a few weeks away from realizing what the labour movement envisioned when we helped form the New Democratic Party of Canada. We have never been closer to electing a federal government that will truly work in the interests of working people.

Thomas Mulcair and his NDP team are on the cusp of a historic election victory. Our country is eager for change, and Canadians want a government that will work to build better lives for their families and better communities for everyday people.

I’m extremely proud of the work CUPE members and activists have already done in this long campaign, and I’m thankful to the thousands who have made good on their pledge to help the NDP by canvassing, making phone calls, putting up signs, and talking to their families and neighbours about the issues important to us as working people.

But there is still much to do.

Our economy has undergone another recession under the Conservatives. Stephen Harper’s credibility as a good steward of our national economy is all but gone. More than ever Canada’s working people need a government that is focused on building a sustainable economy that will foster good paying jobs.

Thomas Mulcair and his NDP team know that a strong economy needs strong public services. They know that affordable and accessible child care and a strong public health care system are not just good for workers, they are good for the economy.

An NDP government is also committed to ensuring all Canadian workers can retire in dignity and out of poverty. With our help, we can get a federal government with the courage and leadership needed to expand the Canada Pension Plan.

Now is the time to do our part. We need to renew our efforts and get the message out in our communities on these vital issues important to us all.

Please take that last step and vote. Make sure your families, friends, coworkers and neighbours vote. Together with the NDP, we are about to change the world.