Concept 3D illustration of coronavirus. Getty ImagesOn January 5, the principal of the Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur school in Repentigny invited eighteen specialized education technicians to an in-person meeting dealing with training. The Syndicat du personnel de soutien du Centre de services scolaire des Affluents (CSSDA) immediately indicated that this meeting could easily be held remotely, but the principal insisted on having it in person, stating that it could go ahead with everyone observing health guidelines.

“The evening of the meeting, one of the specialized education technicians developed symptoms and tested positive for COVID. The 18 technicians and managers attending the meeting had to begin isolation. The CSSDA is the second largest employer in the Lanaudière region and should have set an example,” denounced union president Patrick Dion.

Moreover, the union approached the management of the CSSDA to cancel this meeting, which was in violation of the prescribed measures. Mr. Dion wrote the following: “I am asking you to reconsider your decision out of respect for the personnel and all of the people who are keeping our health and education systems going. And please issue clear guidelines to our academic institutions so that all of their managers convey the same information to their personnel to avoid confusion.”

Unfortunately, the meeting went ahead just the same on January 6.

“Through its carelessness, the employer unduly put its personnel in danger, thereby contributing to the spread of COVID-19. We hope that this will serve as an example so that we can emerge from this pandemic as quickly as possible,” added Dion.