Voters have spoken: in electing another minority Parliament, they have rejected the backward-looking politics of the Conservatives, and they have voted to keep the Liberals on a short leash.

In terms of seat counts, this new minority Parliament will be a near-exact mirror image of the result in 2019. Voters have denied Justin Trudeau the majority he was after, and sent a strong contingent of New Democrats to the House of Commons to hold the Trudeau government to their progressive promises.

We congratulate the many members of our CUPE family who ran as candidates in this election. It takes courage to run, and your union could not be prouder.

We are also proud of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his hopeful and positive campaign focused on climate justice and fighting for all of those left behind by this Liberal government.

We know the fight does not end here, and we know we can count on the NDP to be a strong voice for workers and everyday people in the House of Commons.

This new Parliament has been elected on a clear mandate to fight the climate crisis, enact $10-a-day child care, pursue meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and continue supporting workers and their families through the pandemic and the recovery that will follow.

Now that the votes have been counted, it’s time for our MPs to get back to work.