Videotron LogoAt a special general meeting last night, 74% of Videotron-Gatineau employees rejected a final comprehensive offer the employer made on October 10.

“It’s quite clear – the offer is unacceptable. The main issue is excessive outsourcing and job being shipped to places overseas. Videotron is a very profitable company, which receives subsidies from various levels of government. We want to assure ourselves that Videotron is also giving back to the community by creating and retaining good jobs,” said Nick Mingione, president of CUPE 2815, which represents Videotron employees.

The union reiterates it wants to find solutions to the employer’s actual needs and to those affecting the employees collectively.

“We have contributed to the growth and development of Videotron. With our constant efforts and passion, we have managed to build a loyal customer base and contribute to the company’s profitability. We want this to continue. We will therefore be returning to the bargaining table to present a counter-offer without delay,” added Mingione.