Convention delegates paid tribute to Paul Moist, recognizing his 40 years as a CUPE member, activist, staffer and leader.

Charles Fleury, national secretary-treasurer, led off the tribute by highlighting Moist’s many roles with CUPE over the past four decades and the time he has dedicated.

“I want to thank Paul’s family for all the years you have shared him with us,” said Fleury. “During his 40 years of Paul’s work life he has always been committed to those less fortunate.”

Video tributes included long time friend and executive assistant Pam Beattie. “Paul Moist is first and foremost a worker. A leader yes, but a leader of workers,” said Beattie. “Paul, your dream of a better world for all workers will be realized.”

Maude Barlow, national chair of the Council of Canadians also sent a video message, reflecting on her time working with Paul over the last decades. “You have a wealth of knowledge, but also a huge heart. Putting the heart and head together is what made you such a great leader,” said Barlow.

Stephen Lewis praised Moist’s dedication as a life-long member of the NDP with another video message. “He has been a wonderful supporter of the New Democratic Party; always taking a principled stand in supporting the party, and bringing CUPE into the party sphere,” said Lewis.

In the convention hall, Barry O’Neil, former president of CUPE BC, praised Moist’s compassion for workers.

“Anyone who has seen his schedule, knows his dedication to being the voice of Canadian workers,” said O’Neil.

“On behalf of my family to all delegates, thank you for taking such great care of our dad, but now is our time to take him back,” said Kelly Moist, president of CUPE Manitoba, speaking on behalf of the Moist family.

Delegates added their tributes to Moist from the floor. Many thanked Moist for his leadership, particularly on defending pensions and being a strong voice for all workers in Canada and around the world.