United and determined, CUPE members took on many fights in 2015. Together, we made a difference in our workplaces and our communities. We can be proud of our work to make Canada a better place.

We defended and advanced the interests of our members and all Canadian workers. We fought back against attacks on workers’ rights and public services. We worked with the NDP to ensure workers’ voices were heard during the federal election. We stood together at bargaining tables across the country and made gains.

And while we didn’t always win, each struggle and every campaign had lessons that strengthen our movement. Every time we mobilized, we made new connections in our membership and deepened connections with our allies. Step by step, we are building our movement.

At our national convention, delegates charted a renewed agenda for a stronger, more effective CUPE. Now more than ever, we need to build workers’ power to improve our workplaces and communities. Our focus on organizing precarious workers, creating safer workplaces, strengthening our locals and taking political action will make CUPE an even stronger force for positive change.

One of the most urgent issues confronting us all is the climate crisis. In 2015, CUPE took a stand on climate change, calling for immediate action to build a greener, more equitable economy.

We also campaigned relentlessly to defend the public services Canadians depend on. And we stood together for child care, health care, better pensions for everyone, and good jobs. Our values of fairness and equality make our communities better for everyone.

We know there will be challenges in 2016. There will also be opportunities. United, we will mobilize to make gains at the bargaining table, protect public services, and keep fighting for good jobs and fairness for all Canadians. Our solidarity is our strength.

As Canada’s largest union, we are an important political voice. We will step up the pressure on the new federal government to live up to its promises – and we will demand more. We will continue to fight privatization, and work to strengthen and improve public services. And we will speak out against injustice and inequality wherever it exists.

Together, let’s keep building our movement, and make CUPE an even stronger voice for workers everywhere.

Mark Hancock
National President

Charles Fleury
National Secretary-Treasurer