CUPE child care workers continue to provide outstanding service during the pandemic period, from looking after the children of front-line workers to singing songs and reading books online to kids staying home during social distancing. For these and other reasons, CUPE BC salutes our members for their contributions as Child Care Month wraps up this week.

Child Care Month in B.C. is an opportunity to recognize the vital role that early learning and child care professionals have in our every-day lives—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, said CUPE BC President Paul Faoro. 

“Child care workers provide a vital public service that so many British Columbians rely upon. And they continue to provide this service despite various new challenges and stresses that have been added to their work over the past several weeks,” said Faoro.

“These dedicated workers set the educational path for our children before they hit the school system. The skills that these workers have, which are so important in caring for children, are often undervalued in our society.”

During Child Care Month, CUPE members at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, including Andrea and  San, have been telling stories on their Facebook page. Earlier this month, members of the North Shore Neighbourhood House teen club posted a special thank you to essential workers, including our child care workers.

As well as CUPE members who work in the child care sector, Faoro extended a special thank you to CUPE K-12 members who have stepped up over the past six weeks to support children of essential service workers.

“When B.C. kids needed a safe place to stay while their parents performed essential work, public schools and our members were there to provide it,” said Faoro. “To all early learning and child care professionals in B.C., we thank you for all the work you do especially during this difficult time.”