Striking workers outside of casinoAfter walking away from the bargaining table and facing an impasse in negotiations to renew their collective agreement, the croupiers with the Casino de Montréal surprisingly called a four-hour strike to show their support for the bargaining committee. The members demonstrated right in front of the casino while they were off the job.  

“This is only a first step in the escalation of pressure tactics we’ll resort to if the employer doesn’t show more openness during mediation sessions to take place starting next Tuesday. With the action they took today, the croupiers have shown they are mobilized and determined to negotiate a fair agreement,” declared CUPE union representative Jean-Pierre Proulx. 

The parties disagree on several topics. These include monetary issues, schedules and work organization.

“Today, the union demonstrated strong solidarity with their bargaining committee. We want to get a fair agreement for everyone,” added Jean-Pierre Proulx.

The collective agreement, which covers the working conditions of 521 croupiers, expired on March 31, 2020.