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The 138 members of Local 302 at Ville de Verdun have been on strike for 14 months now. The employer has been found guilty of labour code violations and the mayor is attempting to break the unions solidarity. The special mediation sessions held just after convention did not result in a settlement. The 138 members remain solid in their battle and with public support and the financial support of CUPE members from across the country it is clear the mayor is not going to get his way.

Members of Local 335 at Ville de Malartic, outside workers, have been on strike since July 15, fighting for wage gains and against concessions.

The 20-month strike at Hamner Bus Lines in Sudbury continues. The 14 members of Local 895 are seeking legal remedies against an employer who shut down his school bus operation and opened in another name.


On December 3, 1,250 teaching assistants at MacMaster University, members of Local 3906 took strike action in support of demands for a decent wage increase, some form of tuition rebate and improved benefits.

Local 9835 members at Universit 0064e Sherbrooke went out on December 1, striking for decent salaries, pay equity and job security.


Union solidarity prevailed against the Regional Municipality of Cape Bretons plans to privatize transit, road clearing and garbage collection services. A six-week strike by Local 759 ended with a wage increase, new seniority provisions and no contracting out language. Twenty-eight members laid off prior to the strike as part of the employers privatization plans were reinstated as part of the settlement.

An arbitrators decision sent the members of Local 4224, the inside workers at Ville de Malartic, back to work on November 17 after a five-month strike.

After two years trying to negotiate a first contract and being forced to strike to fight contracting out, the 42 members of Local 3789-03 at the Good Shepherd Shelter in Toronto returned to work after a four-day strike. The new contract provides for a $1,000.00 signing bonus, wage harmonization, 3% increases in the second and third years of their contract, improved vacation and sick leave, as well as a group RRSP with employer contributions and, most importantly, language prohibiting contracting out.

460 members of Local 109 with the City of Kingston waged a tough 40-day strike through September and October after the City tabled about 50 concessions in bargaining. Local 109 was successful in beating back the concessions and won a 6.75 per cent wage increase over three years, a $700 signing bonus and harmonized wage rates and benefits after municipal amalgamation.

2,139 members of Local 728 at the Surrey District settled a three-day strike in November which forced the school board to the table after months of stalling. In fact, this school board has never bargained in good faith with the local, depending instead on back-to-work legislation after refusing to negotiate and forcing the members onto the picket line. This time, the BC government stayed out of it and Local 728 got a settlement including a wage increase, pay equity and improved job security.