Following the appointment of a new employer spokesperson at the bargaining table, the mediator recommended to the union representing white-collar workers in Saguenay that the strike scheduled for February 17 be deferred so that he can become familiar with the case. The union agreed and announced that the strike will be put off until February 24 to allow for bargaining.

“There have been many developments. We’re hoping that the employer will prepare a satisfactory response to the union’s demands. We still have an open mind and are willing to resume negotiations as soon as possible,” declared Stéphanie Cloutier, president of CUPE 2466.

The members took advantage of a town council session last Monday to put a few questions to the mayor and describe the situation to all of the elected officials. More than 200 white-collar workers watched proceedings virtually, which set a record for these sessions in the Saguenay.

“We truly hope that these newcomers to the bargaining table will come in with an actual mandate to wrap up negotiations for the collective agreement quickly. We can’t say it enough – a win-win agreement is within their reach,” added CUPE union representative Claire Simard. 

The union has had a strike mandate in hand since June 2021.