Subway signals red ahead on TTC lineAfter a weekend of intense negotiations, a tentative agreement was reached early Monday morning between workers represented by CUPE 2 and the Toronto Transit Commission.

“This tentative agreement is a significant win for our members, reinforcing our commitment to their well-being and the safety of all Torontonians,” says Sumit Guleria, President of CUPE 2. “The negotiated wages will provide much needed relief from the rising cost of living, helping our workers cope with increasing expenses and ensuring a fair standard of living for themselves and their families.”

The union will not disclose specific details of the tentative settlement until CUPE 2 members have had the opportunity to review its contents and vote on the agreement.

CUPE 2 represents over 650 electricals and trades workers at the TTC. Their collective agreement expired on April 22, 2022.