Staff employed by the Syndicat de professionnelles et professionnels du gouvernement du Québec (SPGQ) have united to declare their unwavering support to all of the SPGQ members at a difficult time for the organization.

SPGQ staff took out a full-page ad in Le Soleil this Friday to express their solidarity publicly.

“Every day, we work together to protect your rights and improve your working conditions. We are the advisers of the SPGQ and are the support staff that, together, support you each day. Our commitment is to you, the members, above all else,” the ad goes on to read.

“The SPGQ is in the throes of a governance crisis, which means that their members are not receiving optimal services. A private firm selected to examine the situation noted that the SPGQ is a rudderless ship. This lack of direction is such that the staff is running on fumes and struggles to make up for the organization’s shortcomings,” explained Éric-Jan Zubrzycki, the CUPE union representative representing SPGQ employees.

The study by Action Competence, a private firm, is still secret. Some of its findings, including a lack of cohesiveness at the management level, were leaked.

“Working with the SPGQ is difficult for the time being, but the staff continue to forge ahead and maintain their solidarity with the members,” said the union representative.