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Local ____________ commits to:

  1. Recognizing that we are living in a global climate crisis and that a climate emergency must be declared.
  2. Engaging with our members to work with allies to push for a zero-carbon society/economy as quickly as possible.
  3. Working with our employer(s) to cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change throughout our workplace(s), including bargaining climate change contract language, setting up workplace emissions reductions/climate action committees, creating workplace environmental representative positions, and urging employers to climate-proof our work.
  4. Taking effective steps to cut emissions from our Local operations to create a zero-carbon Local union.
  5. Putting pressure on all levels of government to decarbonize our society/economy and move toward a zero-carbon future that includes good Just Transition strategies and programs for affected workers and their communities. 


  1. The climate crisis is the planet’s most-urgent socio-economic and political issue that, if unchecked or if dealt with incrementally, will threaten human life and well-being, especially on the basis of equality.
  2. All work across Canada and the world is jeopardized by the climate crisis.
  3. We cannot go back to old ways of working as we move on from the pandemic.
  4. CUPE, at all levels of the union, has been striving for decades to improve the working lives of its members and must extend this work to fight the climate crisis.
  5. Trade unionists, governments, employers, citizens, and all sectors of society have a role to play in solving the climate crisis.  

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