To mark the 17th month of the Port of Quebec lockout, the union has revamped its website and included  stories that shed some light on this major labour conflict.

The first column entitled “Le cœur du conflit des débardeurs de Québec” (The inside story of the Quebec longshore workers’ conflict) will be posted on their website at 12:05 pm EST on February 15.

“The longshore workers’ union invites you to follow the history of major labour struggle they have been waging to gain the right to have true work-life balance, in other words, a decent work schedule,” said CUPE Quebec representative Nina Laflamme. “It’s a very trying labour conflict, but there’s much more to it than that. Of course, the longshore workers have gone through some really tough times, but their solidarity is inspiring.”

Parties have been in talks since June 2022. Discussions have bogged down mainly on the issue of work schedules. The members want to achieve life-work balance.