CUPE’s Conseil provincial du soutien scolaire (CPSS) is disappointed by the lack of support by the Quebec government for support staff in the school system.

Only recently, Education Minister Jean-François Roberge and Labour Minister Jean Boulet published a press release, stating that the government wants to attract, train and requalify more workers by 2026. However, these measures target mainly teaching staff and childcare providers.

The government is once again not making any effort to showcase the essential work done by school support staff. Although they are not in direct contact with students, schools could not operate at peak efficiency without them.

“If it weren’t for school secretaries, superintendents, pipefitters, office clerks, stationary engineers, electricians and light vehicle drivers, among others, schools couldn’t remain open. It is most unfortunate to see that the government does not value the employees at a time when this sector is facing a labour shortage,” said Richard Delisle, vice-president for CUPE Quebec’s education sector.

The CPSS is urging the government to review its plan to attract labour so that it includes support staff.