Unreasonable cuts to education in New Brunswick are resulting in overcrowded buses, says CUPE 380, the union representing school bus drivers in the Saint-John area.“Since the Anglophone School District South has eliminated one bus run, buses have been overcrowded,” said Christopher Watson, President of CUPE 380.

It was recently reported that on one bus run, there were close to 100 students on board, many of them forced to stand or sit in the aisles.

“The parents are now saying what our local had flagged to the District this summer. Cutting corners in education has effectively resulted in unsafe environments for students and drivers,” said Watson.

“Every time our government closes a school, this means more bussing and bus routes rezoning. However, this District has cut on buses too, to the point of putting the safety of children and workers in jeopardy,” said Brien Watson, President of CUPE 1253, who represents school bus drivers throughout the province.