Starting April 1, 2014, dedicated workers from York Region Community and Health Services will no longer be providing on-site continuous care to 225 seniors, who are deemed to be frail and/or cognitively impaired.

Instead of the dedicated staff, who are members of CUPE 905, seniors will now experience reductions in the level of care, moving from an on-site 24/7 care model to a ‘hub-and-spoke model’ where seniors calling for immediate assistance will be placed in a call queue and wait a minimum of fifteen minutes to receive the care that they urgently need – since the services will be provided by an off-site mobile unit. 

Seniors in York Region deserve better and they need your help to ensure that they continue to receive on-site care provided by dedicated staff at York Region Community and Health Services.

Please sign our petition and help our seniors in York Region live in dignity and receive the continuous care that they’ve been receiving from dedicated on-site staff.