The largest union representing health care workers in Saskatchewan, CUPE Local 5430, says the most classifications of health care workers are being left out of the recently-announced temporary wage supplement. On November 18, the Sask Party government announced a new wage top-up of $400 per month to some, but not all, health care workers. CUPE 5430 wants to know why – and says the government should act right away to ensure all health care workers across Saskatchewan receive the top-up.

“Everyone who works in providing health care has sacrificed and put themselves at huge personal risk during this pandemic, and they all deserve to be recognized for that,” said Sandra Seitz, President of CUPE 5430. “We have weathered chaotic changes in protocol and policies, the crippling and never-ending staffing shortages, redeployment, reduction and resumption of services, institutional outbreaks, the skyrocketing case numbers, and more.”

“This wage supplement is supposed to be about respecting the sacrifice that all health care workers have made to protect their communities from COVID-19,” said Seitz. “Instead, many of our members feel disrespected and unappreciated by the choices their government continues to make.”

As announced, the top-up only applies to workers in long-term care facilities, personal care homes, integrated health facilities, and home care workers providing care to seniors in their homes. The current criteria exclude workers in primary health, public health, acute care, and all other services lines in health care.

“All health care workers deserve our support and recognition,” Seitz continued. “The government must extend this top-up to all health care workers in Saskatchewan and end this disrespectful treatment.”