This document is a roadmap to guide the work of all levels of our union for the next two years. It lays out our priorities, our hopes, our dreams, and our fight for a better and more equitable future.

Indigenous members, Black and racialized members, 2SLGBTQI+ members, young workers, persons with disabilities, our communities, our climate, and our families are being threatened by the right-wing, by white supremacy, and by the greed of capitalism. As workers we need to reclaim our power, to stand up for each other and our rights. Together, as workers we can build a better future for everyone. 

Governments and employers left workers to fend for themselves during the pandemic – and now they’re leaving them to fend for themselves again as they face record inflation, skyrocketing housing costs, and wage suppression that makes it impossible to keep up with the overall cost of living. 

While working families across Canada are struggling to make ends meet, the wealthiest households continue to skate through the cost-of-living crisis, and major corporations and banks continue to make out like bandits with record-high profits.