CUPE’s National President Mark Hancock attended a rally at Prince Albert City Hall to show support for CUPE 882 members. Over 70 members and allies were in attendance to call for the city to get back to the bargaining table.

“CUPE 882 members work hard to provide the residents of Prince Albert quality public services. We keep the City of Prince Albert running. We help you pay your bills, keep your kids safe at pools and playgrounds, and support crucial city operations. And we deserve wages that keep up with inflation,” said Cara Stelmaschuk, Vice President of CUPE 882. “Enough is enough. If the Mayor and City Council can give themselves wage increases that account for inflationary pressures, they should be willing to offer the same for their workers.”

The City of Prince Albert is asking their inside municipal workers to accept offers that are well below the rate of inflation and amount to a wage cut. Meanwhile, between 2017 and 2021, compensation for the Mayor and City Council has increased by 20%, more than double what CUPE 882 members received during the same period.

“We want to make sure that this mayor, council and management know that it is our members who make this city run,” said Mark Hancock, National President of CUPE. “To this mayor and council – it isn’t just the members of CUPE 882 you are taking on – you are taking on all of the CUPE members in Saskatchewan and you are taking on all 715,000 CUPE members from coast to coast.”

CUPE 882 has been in a legal strike position since August 10, 2023 and has been working to rule including refusing to train managers, co-workers, and contractors and dressing down foregoing dress code policies, conventions, and standards.

“The only way you can get a deal is at the bargaining table. And sometimes it is difficult, but you can’t find solutions if you aren’t talking. The city needs to get back to the bargaining table immediately,” concluded Hancock.