More than one hundred Quebec City school crossing guards demonstrated this Monday at noon to protest the risks that city cuts pose to school children.

Recall that, in September 2019, mayor Lebeaume admitted that moves had been made to cut 25,000 hours of school crossing guard supervision.

In spite of the fact the number of school children and the hours they attended school were not analyzed, the union representing the some 250 school crossing guards deplored the unilateral way in which this decision was made. No school executives or school boards were consulted, and especially no parents were informed beforehand.

“We deplore the fact that neither the presence nor the numbers of children using crossings were considered at any time. These cuts to public services are being made at a time when we are experiencing a severe labour shortage in the Quebec region. Moreover, since the school crossing guards are 64 years old on average, it will definitely be very difficult to hire people to replace them,” lamented CUPE Representative Yanick Labrecque.

In the days leading up to the start of negotiations to renew their collective agreement, the school crossing guards will take the means necessary to have the City cancel these cuts, which disregard the schools’ requirements and the numbers of children attending school. Grievances have been filed to demand compliance with the collective agreement.