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Last month, the NDP tabled a motion raising a red flag about a loophole in the Canada Health Act that allows private clinics to profit from out-of-province patients by charging them higher fees than in-province patients for insured services.

The federal, provincial and territorial governments recently came to an agreement on a new 10-year funding plan for health care. This motion calls on the government to close loopholes in the Canada Health Act and to ensure that funding is not used to expand for-profit care.

The Prime Minister has flip flopped from being critical of expanding for-profit clinics to applauding Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s proposal to expand for-profit clinics.

Two-tier health care benefits the wealthy and results in longer wait times for us and our families. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether we can afford to pay for the care we need.

People in Canada deserve better.

Tell your MP to vote to protect public health care today.

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