At a general meeting last night, the inside and outside workers with the Town of Val-d’Or (CUPE 128) voted 98.4% in favour of pressure tactics up to an including an unlimited strike at a time deemed opportune.

The collective agreement expired on November 30, 2022, and negotiations to renew it began on May 30, 2023. In spite of the eight meetings to date, non-monetary clauses are still unresolved, and there are but two meetings remaining until the Christmas holidays. Although talks have been respectful, the union and the members are beginning to show their impatience.

“From all indications, it will take several more months to get a settlement if all of the outstanding issues take this much time to be resolved,” said CUPE union representative Geneviève Carrier.

“Employees want working conditions that will improve their quality of life, whereas the employer needs to be more effective at retaining their employees to provide essential services to citizens,” said union president, Jenny Lee D. Auger.

The local has a membership of about 100.