CUPE has harshly denounced the employer’s refusal to sit down at the bargaining table over the past 100 plus days to resolve the lockout at the Port of Quebec, now in its 19th month.

“The situation is flat-out illegal. The employer is refusing to negotiate while clearly indicating to the union that activities, in any event, are going on as usual thanks to replacement workers,” said CUPE representative Nina Laflamme.

Meanwhile, the union is challenging the contention that activities are going on normally and has pointed out that using replacement workers represents a threat to public health.

“At present, nickel levels in Lowertown are three times higher than the permissible limit. We’re pointing the finger at the scabs. Our members have taken numerous photos showing that several accidents have occurred at the port due to the fact that the scabs don’t have the training need to do the job,” said Laflamme.

At noon today, the longshore workers will sound an alarm 19 times to commemorate this conflict, which is one of the longest ever in Quebec City.

Longshore workers have been locked out since September 15, 2022.