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Constitutional amendments

  • Delegates amended the constitution to move to electronic voting at future conventions. Electronic voting will be used for elections as well as close votes.
  • Convention delegates also modernized trial procedures to make them fairer and more transparent for all parties.
  • Another constitutional amendment passed by delegates allows chartered organizations to register one additional delegate to national convention who self identifies as a member of an equity seeking community: indigenous, LGBTQ2+, racialized workers, women, workers with disabilities and young workers.


  • Delegates passed a resolution calling on CUPE to actively campaign for a national child care plan by working with allies like Child Care Now and the Canadian Labour Congress.
  • Convention also passed a resolution to raise awareness of and lobby for increased penalties for motorists who pass school buses illegally.
  • Delegates voted to establish a comprehensive policy and process to address complaints and incidents of sexual harassment and violence within the union.
  • Delegates voted to lobby the federal government to reverse decades of gradual withdrawal of funding from Canada’s post-secondary institutions, and demand Ottawa take a more active role in the funding of and ongoing support for universities.
  • There was discussion and a resolution passed calling for a campaign to promote library workers by increasing awareness of the community-building role libraries and library workers play.
  • Many long-term care establishments do not have enough staff to provide residents with the care they need. Overwork and short staffing have become the norm. This is why CUPE delegates passed a resolution to campaign and lobby the federal government to tackle this issue head on.
  • Delegates approved a resolution to continue CUPE’s commitment for affordable and accessible housing for all people living in Canada.
  • Delegates also passed a resolution to improve LGBTQ2+ competency in our workplaces, including antidiscrimination and harassment policies, inclusivity training, better LGBTQ2+ contract language and more.