The CUPE National Environment Committee wants to profile some of the positive environmental steps CUPE Locals are taking in our workplaces. This is a chance to promote all the workplace initiatives that help clean up our communities, cut greenhouse gases, save energy, conserve water, reduce waste, and other actions.

Here are some initiatives that qualify as good green actions taken by your local:

  • Promoting and using public transit, carpooling, biking and/or walking to work.
  • Recycling and/or composting at your workplace.
  • Having an active workplace environment committee or green champion.
  • Initiating energy or water conservation programs.
  • Initiating actions/programs to keep toxins out of the environment.
  • Bargaining green language.
  • Working with community partners on Earth Day events or other environmental projects.

CUPE wants to hear from locals on all the environmental steps you are taking – big and small.

Simply download and fill out the form in the print version of this newsletter or submit your story to for your chance to win. Green winners will be awarded prizes and profiled on the CUPE National website and in environmental publications. 

In an email or by mail, please describe your workplace environmental initiative. Please send us photographs of your initiative. Photos considerably increase your chances of winning. Please send high-resolution photos, if possible.

Send to:

Or mail to:
Matthew Firth
Canadian Union of Public Employees
1375 St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0Z7

Earth Day is April 22, 2017

The contest deadline is May 19, 2017.

Green bargaining in the spotlight

This year, as part of the Earth Day contest, CUPE wants to hear about the steps workplaces are taking to establish green bargaining language.
Send us your success stories:

  • Tell us about how you identified environmental issues to bargain
  • Tell us what environmental issues your Local takes on
  • Tell us your green bargaining victories
  • Tell us how your green bargaining language is improving workplace conditions

You don’t have green language at your CUPE Local? No problem. Ideas and suggested language are available, in a five-part series, here