Prime Minister Trudeau:
Your government’s inaction on post-secondary education is creating devastating consequences for students and workers.
Chronic government underfunding has led to a crisis. Students and graduates are drowning in debt. Faculty and staff are dealing with increasing precarity.
This has long-term impacts for our society.
It increases inequality, makes it harder for young people to find a foothold, dampens economic growth, and reduces the number of skilled workers in Canada.
It’s time for the federal government to be a real partner in post-secondary education again.
I call on you to:
• Adopt a Post-Secondary Education Act with clear conditions and accountability measures for federal funding;
• Create a dedicated Post-Secondary Transfer;
• Increase transfer funding by 40% to restore the level of per-student PSE funding that was provided in 1993;
• Work with the provinces and territories to reduce and eventually eliminate tuition fees for post-secondary education.