Dear Minister Morneau,

After years of neglect by the former Harper Conservative government, we are encouraged that the federal budget includes a $800 million commitment over the next five years to increase the capacity of the CRA to go after tax evasion through tax havens.

But more needs to be done.

We are alarmed that tax havens and tax evasion practices continue to be deemed lawful and further damage the Canadian economy.

The Alternative Federal Budget suggests a number of measures to restore fairness and progressivity to our tax system by closing unfair and ineffective tax loopholes and aggressively fighting tax evasion using tax havens, while at the same time raising tax rates on upper incomes.

Our current tax system is simply not doing enough to ensure everyone is paying their fair share for the public services all Canadians need and deserve.

Progressive tax reform is key to increasing equality, while protecting and strengthening our public services.

Let’s put an end to tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax havens once and for all.